Struct gitjournal::config::Config [] [src]

pub struct Config {
    pub categories: Vec<String>,
    pub category_delimiters: Vec<String>,
    pub colored_output: bool,
    pub default_template: Option<String>,
    pub enable_debug: bool,
    pub excluded_commit_tags: Vec<String>,
    pub enable_footers: bool,
    pub show_commit_hash: bool,
    pub show_prefix: bool,
    pub sort_by: String,
    pub template_prefix: String,

The configuration structure for git-journal.


Specifies the available categories for the commit message

Set the characters where the categories are wrapped in

Set to false if the output should not be colored

Specifies the default template. Will be used for tag validation and printing.

Show or hide the debug messages like [OKAY] ... or [INFO] ...

Excluded tags in an array, e.g. "internal"

Enable or disable the output and accumulation of commit footers

Show or hide the commit hash for every entry

Show or hide the commit message prefix, e.g. JIRA-1234

Sort the commits during the output by "date" (default) or "name"

Commit message template prefix which will be added during commit preparation


impl Config

Constructs a new Config with default values.


use gitjournal::Config;
let config = Config::new();

Save the default configuration file in a certain path.


use gitjournal::Config;
Config::new().save_default_config(".").expect("Could not save config.");


When toml encoding or file creation failed.

Load a configuration file from a certain path.


use gitjournal::Config;
Config::new().load(".").expect("Could not load config.");


When toml decoding or file opening failed.

Check if the configuration matches with the default one.


use gitjournal::Config;
assert_eq!(Config::new().is_default_config(), true);

Trait Implementations

impl Default for Config

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impl Debug for Config

Formats the value using the given formatter.

impl Clone for Config

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impl PartialEq for Config

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